The Heckbert Family: PEI Lifestyle Photographer

Amy Parsons


The day before I launched my new website I asked people with April due dates to comment on my post, and one lucky winner would receive a free Fresh 48 Session after their baby’s arrival. Lauren and Greg won and I am SO happy they did! Baby “F” came in to this world after a long and hard labour for his poor momma. I met up with this lovely family while they were still in the hospital and took some pictures just capturing the first few days with their new babe. They were so sweet and it turns out, Lauren and I have a lot in common! We both were in the same room at PCH, had the same angel of a nurse (Eunice is a rock star!!) and lots of other fun stuff too.

They welcomed me with open arms in to what is a really special and private time in life, and let me get right in to their personal space.




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